Photoshop monkeying

April 26, 2015

Today was a good day for my Photoshop training – I got in a few exercises and learned how to do a bunch of neat things. Definitely worth the cash I sent to Adobe every month, especially since it came with Lightroom which is also great.

Tomorrow I get back to my drawing basics, which has not yielded such impressive results. Did you know that you don’t draw hunched over a graphics tablet, spitting hate as you crack the ossified calcium in your wrist bones while you scratch in tight movements and with great force at whatever’s unlucky enough to be in front of you? You’re meant to relax and use your whole arm, and turn the focused part of your brain off while you take in what you’re seeing and calmly put what you see in front of you to paper in large motions, holding the pencil like a brush. This is not something I am used to, in other words, and I’ll draw like a pre-schooler until I learn an entirely new way of doing things. I’ll scan some of my doings once more of them are done.

Warning : it’s all glasses and pots and things. Still, strangely satisfying to draw…

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