Political Cartoon Cartoon 2014

Over the past few years

I’ve spent a lot of time reading political cartoons. The Something Awful Forums has a political cartoons thread where the absolute worst (and some of the best) of the toons are posted and scrutinised by a band of dedicated weirdos.

The quality of the toons varies from unbearable to excellent, although the opinions depicted are usually on the spectrum of criminal to stupid. There are a few exceptions though and while I dreaded the inevitable Ramirez, McCoy, Lester, Rall and Branco reactions to events (or Tinsley’s topical Mallard Filmore exactly two weeks later), there was always the healing balm of Kelly/Sutton, Two Bulls and Luckovich comics to soothe the pain.

The comic above is what happens when you stare into the abyss of political cartoons too long. All of the things pictured are repeated or particularly stupid themes that appeared in the cartoons from the first three quarters of 2014. None of the incoherent gibberish reflects my opinion other than that Mike Ramirez deserves a punch in the face.

To the side are a few bits and pieces and edits of cartoons I made for the politoons thread. “Edits” are when you take an existing cartoon and change it so it’s not terrible. The bottom one is an example of an edit made to a JRRose! toon to commemorate the end of the awful 2014 thread.


is another re-cap of the 2014 toons from September to December. The horsemen are, from left to right: Mike Ramirez, Mike Lester, A.F. Branco and the McCoy Bros. The cartoons at the bottom were provided by Charles Brubaker of Baker Toons, a fellow thread regular. The donkey in the sky is Luckovich’s Pants Donkey, a Politoons thread shibboleth.



speaking of Charles Brubaker, below is a short-lived collaboration between us called “The Obamas“. Charles drew the odd-numbered pages and I did the even-numbered ones.

Check out more of Charles Brubaker’s work at www.bakertoons.com