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Product Description

Got a static picture you like for an av, but sick of all those high-faluting jerks rubbing their animated gifs in your face? I can help you get even.


For $10 I’ll take your static av or any other normal picture and animate it.


Go from this :


to this :wfpop1


Or make this:


do this:mastodon2av


I can also modify existing animations depending on what you want. For instance:

bsj1 to  bsj2



After you let me know what you’re looking for I’ll animate your thing to the specifications, size it to 150*150 and get it to under 100kb. I’ll usually have a few options for you.

Price includes one re-work (I’ll go back and make major changes once if you’re not happy with what I come up with based on your brief, minor changes are no problem). I will try to use parts of the image that already exist and add stuff only where necessary or particularly nice, but if you want  a lot of drawing done or it’s a huge job drop me a PM first (Saint Isaias Boner on the forums) or leave a note here and we’ll discuss it.


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