Awful Avatar – Custom



Product Description

For $20 I’ll make you an avatar from scratch. People will suddenly enjoy your posts. You’ll become popular. Everyone will ask, “when did you get so handsome?”. Just let me know what you want.


For the price you get the av ready to upload to the forums. You get one major revision and any number of minor fixes (a major revision is where you tell me to change everything, or almost everything, because you’re not happy with what I came up with after the brief).


Examples of things I did:

nM9K6S1 (1) p3fMzrF TESTregfinal ss2 ambiotiny mapdead shincat ygdead



This deal is for SA goons only, the $20 in no way reflects the amount of time I put into making these things.  If you want this thing for some other forum or whatever other purpose drop me a line and we’ll talk turkey.



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