Miserable Ease

was a webcomic I started shortly after coming over to the UK. Like every other webcomic ever made it started off as a gaming comic but quickly changed into something… else.

I was heavily influenced by some Japanese cartoons and comics while I was making this – Cromartie HighAzumanga Daioh and Excel Saga in particular. My friends are some of the strangest people I’ve ever met and their depictions in this comic are only a mild exaggeration (other than the various worthless powers some of the characters have). None of the philosophical stuff really makes much sense to me five years after writing it in the first place, but the name comes from Nietzsche as does some of the dumb stuff about eternal recurrence. I was drawing the comic around the time of the financial crisis in 2008 so that seeps in to the comic by the end as well.

Without further ado, may I direct your attention to the comic in the middle.

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A few extra images that were on the original site.

As you can see It’s old and pretty hit and miss. The art is all over the place in style and quality. Basically I was learning how to draw. Some of the drawings look good, some look rough. Some characters work, others are flops. At some point the comic just petered out. I got too busy to maintain its webpage and I lost regular contact with the people back home the comic was based on.

If I was going to try this again

I’d try to develop a coherent drawing style from the start. I’d work harder on the dialogue and give the minor characters something more interesting to do (or cut them out). I had plans for most of the minor characters in the future but they never really eventuated. As the comic is they’re just kind of called in and mostly they stand around doing nothing of interest. Finally I’d stick to a regular posting schedule by building up a reserve of comics in advance.