Site update

August 16, 2015

I’ve been learning some javascript and HTML/CSS for the last week or so, so haven’t had time to update here until just now.

There have been a few changes. I’ve rearranged the portfolio so only the least terrible recent stuff is visible (none of the tutorial stuff is still there at least), axed the contact page (to be repaired in future but for now it’s just a spam magnet), killed off the store links clutter and generally made it so things are a bit better around here. There’s also a new portfolio item – Sword of the Bastard Elf.

I’m nearly ready to begin work on a little game that I will use to test out my gamebook mechanics and also my general ability to make an entertaining thing. To that end I’ve registered and although I haven’t actually set either site up yet. Soon, though. Stay tuned if that kind of thing interests you.

Drawing practice also proceeds, slowly. I’m actually getting better, which is mainly down to finally coming to grips with the pencil in a non-apelike way. Still a long way to go there, of course.

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