Hermitskull Merch

April 6, 2015

Hermitskull Merch

If you have too much money and want to show your support for a struggling artist and you also want to have a cool and mildly obnoxious thing, can I direct your esteemed attention to the following classy establishments:

The Hermit Skull logo page on Redbubble : if you want a shirt, mug, pillowcase, duvet cover (?!) or quality stickers which you can use to ruin everyone’s day.

The same design on Design by Humans : potentially cheaper for Australian customers, you can also get prints here if for some reason you’re really into crabs.

You can still get the Wrath Panda designs there too. I will sometimes randomly add a new shirt/tchotchke/worthless trinket to these stores so check back sometimes.

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