Learning to draw

April 2, 2015

Learning to draw

I’ve been slowly working my way through something called “The Complete Book of Drawing”. I specialise in drawing aggressive gibberish and I’ve spent thousands of hours drawing mean-spirited garbage, but I haven’t had anything like structured training since high school. This is perhaps why I’m not invited to all the art parties and the like. Anyway I could stand to get a lot better, so here are some early attempts. These are my first go at using Corel Painter Essentials 5 (which is a great piece of software, especially at the stupidly low price) and also my first attempt at not drawing like I’m chiselling at the tablet with a rusty knife.


In completely unrelated news, the Teespring Wrath Panda shirts have begun appearing on torsos around the place. It’s good when something you’ve done appears in the world and you get paid a small amount of money for it (although I’ve spent slightly more on the merch than I’ve made so far what with gifts and what not). If you missed the Teespring campaign you can still grab one of them shirts from my t-shirt stores which can be found in the links section of the site navigation bar.



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