Spending a wad of cash

April 20, 2015

on art supplies. Which in my case involves a big ol’ monitor, and some books about illustration, digital art and character design. Along the way I finally picked up an actual copy of Photoshop (not just CS2, which is free and horribly outdated) and some brushes for Manga Studio 5. Lost in all this was my old 21″ HP monitor which was picked up by the side of the road by someone and hopefully given a good home.

I was about to pay my uni fees and then thought about it and realised that not only am I pretty much broke but I have a few too many commitments and intensive projects that need to be completed first. And I’m not ready yet. I’ll try again next year – after all there’s no rush.

My reading list in the meantime:

  • Academie X
  • Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop: Characters
  • Creative Illustration | Andrew Loomis
  • Digital Art | David Cousens
  • The Digital Renaissance | Carlyn Beccia
  • Drawing From Your Imagination | Ron Tiner
  • Complete Drawing | Barrington Barber

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